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Copyright Comment on slashdot,US Constitution submited by Russell Thu 30 Dec 04
Edited Wed 26 Feb 14
21 Replys:
Someone who actually took on Microsoft and won (Russell)
Notes on EULAs (Russell)
Hp declares war on file sharing (Russell)
Starforce info links and tools (Russell)
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My Rants submited by Russell Sun 16 Jan 05
Edited Tue 03 Oct 06
7 Replys:
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Jackhammer problem submited by Russell Sun 16 Jan 05
Edited Sun 23 Jul 06
12 Replys:
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Fence Post Problem submited by Russell Sun 16 Jan 05
Edited Mon 24 Jul 06
14 Replys:
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Kangry.com ? submited by Russell Mon 31 Jan 05
Edited Fri 13 Jul 12
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A connection ? (star trek) submited by Russell Sun 06 Feb 05
Edited Thu 19 Jan 06
4 Replys:
An interesting angle on the canceling of Enterprise (Russell)
Star Trek new voyages, Star Wars Fan Films (Russell)
Trek United (Russell)
amazon's box total box office gross list (Russell)
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A good rant on TV add placement submited by Russell Tue 08 Feb 05
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future of media submited by Russell Tue 01 Mar 05
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Google Vs. Yahoo submited by Russell Fri 08 Apr 05
Edited Thu 20 Oct 05
3 Replys:
Google finaly updates my listings (Russell)
will static pages help google ? (Russell)
Really old cache google (Russell)
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Notes on Hybrid Cars submited by Russell Mon 14 Nov 05
Edited Fri 19 May 06
2 Replys:
the Smart Car, (Russell)
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The lost battle over html portability and page layout submited by Russell Wed 07 Dec 05
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Digg_vs._Slashdot submited by Russell Thu 12 Jan 06
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Anit-Microsoft rants submited by Russell Thu 02 Feb 06
Edited Fri 03 Feb 06
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china submited by Russell Fri 03 Feb 06
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annoying cusotmer service submited by Russell Sun 18 Jun 06
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