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er ? so what the hell is a kangry ??

well truth of the matter, it's nothing. It's a made up word.

Years ago when I was in middle school (circa 1980) my friends and I were posed this riddle by my friend's mother. I had no clue, but as is the nature of the riddle, it really seemed like it should be easy.

My father proposed that the answer should be kangry, and if pressed we should claim that is the name of the boards that mad magazine depicts at the weapon of choice of rioters.

But what started out as a trivial joke became a long term inside joke for me and my friends. The word became immortalized years later when I chose to name my boat kangry. I'd post a photo here but the boat was scrapped years before digital cameras, so I'd have to scan a print. Perhaps I will eventually get around to it.

Years later when I felt the need for a website it seemed like the obvious choice.

Now for what can you expect to find here... I don't know, this is really just my own personal scratch pad. This website does not exist to make me money or build fame, its just a place where I will toss up ideas. If what I put here is useful, then thats fine, but it doesn't need to be. I use these pages like a notepad so that I can remember how I solved some problem the next time it comes up.

My spelling and grammar are terrible, always have been, I won't make excuses for it. I'll make an effort to keep stuff coherent here, but I make no promises and it's never going to be my first priority.

I know a lot about some things and very little about others. I try to post what I know about (or have found) so that people (including myself) can refer to it. If you think I migh have a clue about something, feel free to post a question. I'll do my best to answer it.

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