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(essays)-> (Parent)->An interesting angle on the canceling of Enterprise submited by Russell Tue 08 Feb 05
Edited Thu 19 Jan 06
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This guy has and idea that the fan's could pay for Enterprise But frankly I think he hasn't got it exactly right. he works out that ~$11 per 3 million fans would cover the cost of a season. (~35 millon) but If we actually came up with that much money I'de expect the season to be releaced public domain via bittorrent. after all "we own it" If they still get to run adds during it, then they should expect far less , or perhaps be willing to accept far less than 100% participation from the aproximated 3 million viewers.

And Comander Taco Agrees with me, that Enterprise has finaly gotten good

CBS Paramount Television Takes Control of Star Trek Actually, this is probably much ado about nothing. It has more to do with who will sell existing product and licence merchendise than the developement of new, quality star trek based programming. .. Although Splitting it from the movies may help. Paramount probably looks at Star Trek as small pototes as a movie, but it might look bigger from a TV perspective.

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