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(essays)-> future of media submited by Russell Tue 01 Mar 05
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I found this link in a /. comment which is a interesing flash movie about the possible future of new/social media.

It's interesting concept. Essentially the world of media blobs into a fuzzy mass of personal preferences. Wile I think the end result is over expressed by the film, I do see it happening. In my own life, I generally listen to /read media that shares my point of view. I even go so far as to set as foe people who say things that I strongly disagree with. (This results in future pages I view on /. having that persons comments suppressed. ) The thing is that even as I am doing it, I know that I am pushing the world I see to match what I expect it to be.

In a vacuum, it’s easy to think that I what I want is truth, and knowledge. But if I emotionally reject something because it doesn’t match with my perception of truth, then am I being any better than the Catholic Church’s response to Galileo when he told them the earth moved.

To be intellectually honest, we have to receive contrary views as possible. But how far can you take it? You to be sane, you have to disregard ideas that don’t work.

I don’t have a solution. I’m just thinking about it. The problem needs to be solved with action on both ends. It doesn’t solve anything for left-wingers to read left wing papers and right-wingers to listen to right wing radio. All that does is to enforce the disagreements that currently exist. We will probably continue to have the national elections to split 51-49 or even closer.

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