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(essays)-> The lost battle over html portability and page layout submited by Russell Wed 07 Dec 05
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(this is a work in progress)
I the begining there was html. It was used by scientists to share papers and it acchived a glorous outcome. The same document could be viewed on multiple computers (multiple flavors of unix, IBM, .. PCs and Macs wern't even really online at the time) It didn't matter if you had differnet fonts, or what size your screen was. While the document might not look the same on every computet, it could be viewed on every computer.

Then the internet exploded and buisnessed wanted to sell things online. The problem is that they brought people who had been doing print adversising to the process. These people, who were used to programs like quark and illistrator wanted to have exact control of the layout of the document on the end users display.
This really was a break from the whole idea of html. The specified specific fonts. Used frames and fixed size tables to control the presentation of web pages. This ment if you had even a different size screen, or different font settings, the web page would render incorrectly.

More to come..

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