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(Mplayer)-> playlive submited by Russell Sat 29 Jan 05
Edited Tue 26 Apr 05
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Feb. 2004
To play a movie while it is being recorded (like tivo can)
1) use mpg format ( avi requires an end of file index that is not available while the file is being written.
2) play with this command cat '$moviename' |mplayer -use-stdin -
where $moviename is the file being recorded.
(01/15/05) I have to ammend this again. It appears that the current version of mplayer can play a mpg file as it is being recored by another process/computer. There are two pitfalls.

1) the progress bar that displays does not update for the new file size (as the file grows) so if you start playing the file shortly after it starts recording it always looks like your are about to fall off the end. this lead you to :
2) if you fall off the end mplayer does not return the same data as if you quit the file, so my moviebookmarking (see below) tool does not work.

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