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(fishtank)-> (Parent)->Malaysian Trumpet Snails submited by Russell Sun 14 Jan 07
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Malaysian_Trumpet_Snails (wikipedia)

I first noticed a single trumpet snail in my tank. It must have come in with a plant and clearly had grown first it first arived.

One day I was cleaning the tank and was trying to un-jam a animated skeleten, and to my suprise, I found that a baby trumpet snail had gotten jammed into the hinge of the skeleten. This got me to looking into the tank more carefuly. I have noticed that in the evening the tank is teaming with them. Clearly they reproduce easaly, and sinece they dig into the gravel during the day, they are almost unoticed during the day.

I have two Clown Loaches, and from what I read on other sites, ( Malaysian Trumpet Snails) The Loaches will eath them but not kill all of them. The trumpet snals are benificial to the tank. They eat up undigested food from the gravel. Since they arrived in the tank, I have found that the gravel is much cleaner when I clean the tank.

I am reluctant to introduce them into my Albino apple snail tank, because without loaches or some other Snail eater they might overpopulate the tank. .. I'll see if I can post some photos lator.

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