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(blogware)-> hidden text and querys submited by Russell Tue 07 Mar 06
Edited Mon 14 Aug 06
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for some time I have been adding text and links to pages that should make
google and others aim at the correct target pages. What I have been doing
is puttin in anchors with empty hrefs and source= links that target the
google search that the relate to. One of the things that I have noticed is
that even after I add these keywords of text, google or yahoo, will still
link to the "topics" page instead of the relavent comment page. This is
partly because the extra text also shows up on the topics page ( if the
comment is a top level comment).

The change I made today is to use a regexp replace to hide text inside of
font size=-2 blocks. Idealy, google and yahoo will now only see that
text on the comments pages, improveing the accuracy of the links they

Here is the Php Code. :
$text1=preg_replace("@<font size=-2>.*<\/font>@si","",$text1);

looks simple, but it was acutally hard to figure out. This line will
Probably be mangled by the code I'm talking about, if viewed on the
topics page ;-)


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