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(linux_command_line)-> Misc. Command line utils +examples submited by Russell Mon 24 Jan 05
Edited Wed 02 Oct 13
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cat             Concatenate FILE(s),also prints the file
cksum           Print CRC checksum and byte counts of each FILE.
comm            Compare sorted files by lines
csplit          split files on pattern
                csplit bigfile.txt /break_on_this_line/ "{*}"
cut             cut out collumar fields (delimited by tab)
                specify delimiter with -d  ("-d\ " for space delimited)
                -f#-# selects collums; -f1-3 selects first 3 collums
                cat bigfile.txt |cut -d\  -f1-3  
                ## NOTE EXTRA SPACE after d\
expand          AKA 'tabout'
fmt             reformat paragraphs
fold            wrap long lines
head            head get lines/bytes from file head and tail examples
join            join lines baised on field equilivance
md5sum          advanced checksum
nl              number lines
od              display in octal
paste           write corresponding lines.. ??
pr              prepare for printing
rename          renames files rename examples
sort            sort text files
split           split up file into numbered pices
                 Split Command examples
strings         display printable strings in a file Strings example
sum             chksum and block count for files
tac             reverse file order to output
tail            display last bytes/or lines head and tail examples
tr              translate/convert character sequeces
unexpand        whitespace ->tabs
uniq            display unique lines
wc              wordcount
sed             streaming editor:
                to replace:
                sed "s///g" [file] > [output_file]
                sed -i "s/buisness/business/g" *  
                  (-i changes files in place) 
sed (delete line)
               sed '/delete-lines-that-match-this/d' 
netstat -tulpan            list running processes with ports and what process is tied to them 

(must be root)
/sbin/shutdown  -r now     restart linux (soft reboot)
/sbin/shutdown  -h now     shutdown (halt system)
                           instead of now, use "hh:mm" time of day
                           or +m (number of minutes)
shutdown: you must be a root to do that fedora 4
reboot                     restarts system, you don't need to be root if 
                           you are logged in localy ( running x or from the consel) 
halt                       shuts down system, same rules as reboot

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Fedora, RHEL password commands (root password) (Russell)
disable bell/beep from the linux command line (Russell)

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