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(humor)-> (Parent)->who is my congressperson? submited by Russell Wed 22 Feb 06
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This Service on the us Congress website. Will identify your congressperson.
You need your zip+4 zip code, you can get that from the USPS here. So it's a two step process: The house.gov site, will offer to send a message for you. I have done this, but I get the feeling that Physical mail or calling carry more influence than does email. I have no data to back this up.

Keep in mind, quite possibly less than 1% of all a a representatives constituents take time to write them. The US Population 295,734,134 and 435 representatives gives 679 thousand residents per district. So if only one percent take time to write that makes your voice as loud as one in 6000. And if you don't take time to tell them how you feel, somebody else will. Do you want to gamble that that person feels the same as you do ?

Think that it's more than 1% ?? Prove me wrong by sending a note. ;-)

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