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(links)-> (Parent)->Godaddy blackmailing submited by Russell Thu 19 Jan 06
Edited Wed 21 Oct 09
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GoDaddy Blackmailing Their Customers for $199? It's in the grey area. This guys messages could be considered UCE (spam) .. but if, as he claims, he posted only to groups that he was a member of, on topic..... well he's not the center of the spam problem. Yanking his domain isn't going to solve the spam problem. We should be yanking domains from phishers and Bigger penis spammers.
GoDaddy Holds Domains Hostage[SlashDot] for simply appearing on a spam blacklist.

The Truth About GoDaddy's Economy Plan Godaddy fails to live up to it's bandwith advertising.

YourBittorrent Continues Where MyBittorrent Left Off [torrentfreak] Mostly this is a story about a new torrent site, but the second paragraph mentions:
...The site had been flying under the radar for a long time and didnít run into any legal troubles, but it did have a serious dispute with its domain registrar, GoDaddy, in 2006.

After receiving a complaint from Microsoft, GoDaddy temporary hijacked the myBittorrent domain, but after emails back and forth the owners managed to regain control....
Details are missing, but I am ,again, concerned by the implication that godaddy would pull the registration for a domain name based on an accusation from a big corp like Microsoft. Notice that the article doesn't say "A court ordered godaddy to..." ...

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