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(humor)-> Good google Videos, IBM linux ads submited by Russell Mon 16 Jan 06
Edited Thu 20 Apr 06
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42 Quality Google Videos Some are funny, some just interesting.
Fun with Thermite I've actually used the stuff, Years ago, My dad had gotten some from the railroad. ( they use it to weld rails together in the field) . Although these were little shotgunshell sized plastic contaners of the stuff. They have a *LOT* more of it in this video. They don't mention it in the video, but the stuf is actually really hard to start. Perhaps the fuze they use burns hot enough, but the stuff I used had a Magnisum powder that you used to ingnigte the lot, and it had to be lit with a spark from flint (flame would not do it )
IBM's Linux Ads (cartoons)
iPod packaging re-designed by Microsoft (Direct Link to video) Now it is on google ;-) , quite funny, and actualy it makes a good point about the tug-of-war between the desire for simple clean packaging/promotions and the desire to stuff in everything, including the kitchen sink
Microsoft Confirms it Originated iPod Box Parody Video
Punish your Microsoft Devloper Would that this were true...

Google most popular videos Not always good, but some are
Rube Goldberg type machines made in Japan pretty cool.

Another Google Vid. (Me)

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