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(humor)-> popular science myths,windmills submited by Russell Tue 10 Jan 06
Edited Mon 10 Apr 06
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The Most Popular Myths in Science Some of these were specificly debunked by the mythbusters (penny drop,dogs mouth.. except they found that the dogs mouth was cleaner )
They also had different results for poppy seed bagel drug tests.. I seem to recall they found it would take too many to show up on the test. Perhaps it depends on the test that is used, and the level that is considered positive.
Several people on digg noted that Snopes has better coverage on most of these.
Now we just need a simmalar approach taken to other myths like "global warming" and "social programs help poverty" ;-)
The Biggest PC Myths debunked
Windmills are not as dangerous to birds as is the popular myth would have us belive
Tech Myth - Wind Turbines Kill Birds ( another article on the same issue)
Some myths about dogs [rawfeed.com] From a site that advocates feeding raw meat to dogs.
Top 10 Ways to Destroy Earth
Global Warming Stopped in 1998

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