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(linux_command_line)-> (Parent)->Redhat fsck 7.3 boot fail recovery submited by Russell Thu 22 Dec 05
Edited Wed 11 Jan 06
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I feel really bad for the person that searched for Redhat fsck 7.3 boot fail recovery

Here is somebody that has an old computer with a disk that has errors on it that will not boot. .. Not a good posistion to be in.

I've been there. the fix is actually not that bad.. so long as the disk is useable.
  • Boot computer until boot halts with fsck error
  • enter root password. This should give you a bash prompt.
  • manualy run fsck on the partition that failed.
    fsck /dev/hda2
    (replace /dev/hda2 with the device name of the partiion that failed. )
  • fsck will run, if the drive/partition is large, or the computer is slow, this could take a really long time. Because auto-fsck failed, You are going to be prompted to agree to make changes to the system. If you are lucky, this will happen just a few times. ( you are probably best off agreeing )If the drive is seriously fucked up, you may get prompted hundreds of times. You could restart the process with the -y option which automaticly approves changes.
  • Hopefuly the fsck will finish, and you hit CTRL-D to exit the shell, and reboot the system.
  • if you are lucky, the system will come up and the only lost files will be some logfile that you don't need.
  • Being a beliver in murphy's law, I know the disk error will be smack dab in the middle of the glibc file or something else you really need.
Now there is another way. (probably better) You can use a CD-based distro like knoppix to boot the system w/o the hard drive. Then you use the tools in there to copy what you need off the system. I have had a hard disk that was so screwed up it could not be booted past fsck, but was able to extract needed data off of it with using the network connection and knoppix.

I wish I had a way to get this message to the guy who searched for that.

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