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(links)-> (Parent)->Cool Online Games, urban dead submited by Russell Thu 15 Dec 05
Edited Sun 27 Jul 08
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stickarena Flash based multiuser deathmatch. It's a lot of fun.
Escapa "simple but fun"
Interactive Buddy v.1.02 ( so cruel and funny, lots of skins to chose from ( I like to moore skin)
badassgamer: lists lots of online flash games
Java-based Google logo not so much of a game, but a fun toy, still it's cute.
Mario Bros 2D Flash Game
Nanaca Crash Wierd online Anime Online game. you crash your bike into a guy and get points based on how far he gets tossed.
triglav Aparently an Ajax/javascript RPG game. I havn't played it
Splashback: kinda like tetris meets connect four It's fun, not great, but fun.
Lemmings Online
Adult Swim's collection of online games

Freeware games
best freeware games of 2005

Urban Dead
Urban Dead A fun but slow paced online multiuser game
Forum for the PWOT zombie group inside the game, I saw them take a mall with between 300 and 500 zombies. Very impressive.
Pwotters wikipedia page
Galbraith Hills Wiki
Zombie Mall Tour 06 Another Mall tour Info page
Zombie to English Translator I can't seem to get it to work "in-game" (it works on the sample page)
Another Zombie to english Translator This one works, but you have to go to that page to use it.
Zombish to english extention for firefox It either does not work, or nobody in the game actually speaks zombish ...
The undying scourge
The Siege of Ackland Mall
UDTool is a name-colorizing Firefox extension for Urban Dead. I installed it, but I don't quite understand how control the lists of contacts. What I really like is the tools that simplify the inventory display. It groups mulitple items/guns as a single item, and tells you how much inventory room you have.
UrbanDead City Maps, and zombie trackers
Caiger Mall Survivor Reviv Board
Upper Left Corner
Bakers Of The Apocalypse forum
Map of Buttonville

planetarion Recomended by graphitti in side urban dead ;-) ( have not played)

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