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(blogware)-> how do I out think my browser submited by Russell Sun 11 Dec 05
Edited Wed 21 Dec 05
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From time to time , I post code here usualy snipits that I want to copy at a latory time ( as well as share with the world)

If the code contains html that I don't want intrepreted, I usualt use &gt; for the > symbol and &lt; for the < symbol. This works fine the first time I type it. butt.. if I re-open a comment to edit it. even though the html code tha describes the text area used to edit contains the &lt; code in it. The text are re-intrepretets the codes and just displays <. If I push submit w/o manualy replaceing those symbols, much of my code becomes hidden from view as it becomes part of the html code behind the comment. I either need a way around this, or to start using a html tag that just displays raw text (code) ???

test of code (Russell)

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