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MySQL Via PHP Cheat Sheet I actually have most of this , I normaly just copy the snippet I need from a program I made previously. But it could be handy to have it all in the same place.
Debugging techniques for PHP programmers[IBM]
A few XML & PHP Tutorials
POG - A PHP Code Generator
Create dynamic images using PHP(tutorial)
Max table sizes for Mysql (AKA The table is full error)
More notes on full tables,
This command will adjust the table to allow a larger size (assuming the underling OS will allow it )
ALTER TABLE tbl_name MAX_ROWS=1000000000 AVG_ROW_LENGTH=nnn;
I used 300 for my AVG_ROW_LENGTH because I calculated my average to be about 260 bytes/row. YMMV
*WARNING* if you are doing this because the table is too big.. THIS WILL TAKE A LONG TIME.. COULD BE HOURS. during this time you will be able to query the table, but *NOT* update records.

Import spreadsheet (csv) data into mysql database (Russell)

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