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(links)-> (Parent)->Katrina Flooding satellite images (freqently spelled "satalite" ) submited by Russell Wed 07 Sep 05
Edited Wed 25 Jan 06
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Several of these links, are to google maps which previously contained a collection of after katrina satellite images. It appears that Google has taken these down. The NOAA images are still online, and the levee failure locations on google are still accurate.

Flooded Hiway in New Orleans Same spot before the flood
Damage at the Superdome Same spot via NOAA Helocopters At the Superdome
Debris Backed up at a bridge. I think I saw an image of this on a the cover of a newspaper
Failed levee Before Image
Another failed Levee Strange, it looks like the water is flowing out. Perhaps, it had become tidal and this was the Ebb. Although I don't think New Orleans has a lot of tide
Aparently this is the Third Levee Breach
Railroad cars blown or floated off of the tracks
Other images from NOAA Not as well intregrated as the Google ones. You really have to know what you are looking for.
A NOAA shot of a failed Levee I think the orientation is wrong. from This page I think this is the same spot, Yes it is, it has some of the same buildings. West is Up on the NOAA image
Flooded schoolbusses It is sujested that these should have been used to evacuate the city.Same spot from the ground

actual satellite photo of hurricane Katrina (Russell)

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