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(humor)-> Reasons *NOT* to use linux submited by Russell Tue 30 Aug 05
Edited Tue 08 Sep 09
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Reasons not to use linux
Then there is Switching to Windows, Not as Easy as You Think.(appears dead The archive has it Page 2)
And a little more serious 25 Reasons to convert to Linux. Although, Honestly, I think he is stretching a bit. ( some of the reasons are really part of the same thing).
10 things a news linux user needs to unlearn (along the same lines)

To me it comes down to:
  • You are trusted with your computer. You not some group of market driven engineers, chose what level of automation and micromanangement to apply to your system. Linux is the Lego, of operating systems. If you don't want it, it's not there, if you do want it, it is.
  • Linux is free of licence restrictions. You don't even need to care if you have the correct seat/CPU licences for any configuration. It just is what it is. You want to try out a program, no problem. You don't have to buy a product to just test a solution.
  • No forced upgrades, No unwanted feature changes. Again, you are in control.
  • If you don't like it, you can change it. Now this might not seem like an option for everyone, (non programmers) but the thing is that usualy somebody who is a programmer will have the same issue you do, and they will have a solution you can use. Also many changes can be made by only changing configuration files.
Now as for reasons not to use linux.

First, if you are talking about a server, there are no reasons. You should be using linux. If you are talking about a desktop system, I have a few reasons:
  • Windows is just better at desktop integration. In windows, it means nothing to cut a image from photoshop and paste it into word. It just works. Try to cut an image from Gimp and paste into open office.. it just doesn't work. In fact the whole cut and paste system is fucked up. Some aps just rely on the Xwindows standard of hilight is selected (which I do not find convient. You can't paste one block over another this way, because you lost the clipboard when you selected the 2nd block ) and others rely on the edit menu command copy,paste. The arguement between X and applicaitons is frustrating as old cliboard contents keep getting pasted and you can't seem to select new content.
  • The file manager is just slicker in windows. I have tried several, and just have not found a Graphial file mangager under linux that doesn't feel clunky. Double click to open a file, click and hold to rename, select a group and move it to a sub-folder. I'm not saying that you can't do these things in linux. Sadly, windows still just does it better. ( I mean here the win2000 file manager, Win XP and newer have too much eyecandy, and have actualy gotten worse)
  • And the bigest reason for most people. Manny apps just are not availble under linux, mostly games. Each day, this gap shrinks, but it will always be a problem until the linux maket share is enough that no corp would risk not making a linux version of thier application. ( chicken and egg problem, nobody does it , so nobody does it... )
  • And then there is the Jackhammer Problem. This isn't really so much a problem with linux as it is with software in general. I go looking for a small tool to solve a small problem, and end up with EMACS...
Then there is this tirade : Linux is Not Windows which goes into detail about how linux should not try to eumlate windows. It's an interesting point but I don't quite buy it. You see Since it is a Lego Like Operating system there is no reason it shouldn't, if thats what the user wants.
If that driver had a wife and two kids, he might find the bike's single passenger capacity a flaw. He might suggest that bikes be re-built so they could carry four people, two abreast.
My responce to this would be that the guy should simply install the "carrys 4 two abreast" version.

In fact Lindows, er I mean linspire does a pretty good job of being a windows like version of linux. I don't like it for myself because it takes away too much control from the user. If there was a product that had the fedora back end with the lindows front end, now that would be interesting.

Linux for intermediate (Anonymous)

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