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(humor)-> pure pwnage(ownage) submited by Russell Fri 29 Jul 05
Edited Wed 19 Jul 06
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pure pwnage(ownage) I mean, it can't be real, it has to be a goof. Could such people actually exist ?
I started watching these when episode 6 or 7 was new. Clearly the production values have gotten better but I actually think they have lost some of the edge as they have tried to put in more plot

I curretly seed the torrents for all 8 episodes on a bandwith avaible basis. ( I currenly have share ratios of 50 to 80 on most of the eposodes.) When Episode 8 came out, at one time I saw 500 seeds and 1500 peers. So the show clearly has some following.
Pure Pwnage Phrases and Quotes [wikipedia]
Pure Pwnage wikipedia page

pure-ownage.com Was a cute but not all that funny flash movie "STFU NOOB" about a New-Bee geting pwned in a FPS game. I do not know if it's related to purepwnage
(10/26/05) looks like it went away the archive has the loading page for the flash movie but doesn't appear to have the film itself.
Google found the clip STFU NOOB

pure pwnage(ownage) torrent links (Russell)
Romeo And Juliet in Leet (Russell)
pure pwnage(ownage) (Danoli3)

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