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(links)-> Interesting google maps and satellite images (aka satalite) submited by Russell Fri 22 Jul 05
Edited Fri 01 Jun 18
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a collection of Area 51 images this guy has posted copies of googles files, not just links, so they will probably C&D him.
Tropicana Casino, Las Vegas
Sahara Casino, Las Vegas
Palace Station, Las Vegas
Grandview I think it's an old image.
My office
Croton dam
Chelsea Yacht Club Low res image only
Hamelton Bermuda Bermuda and it's reefs(no maps just satellite)
Su-ez cannal
Panama Cannal Why does it have two route to the atlantic ?
Wellington Canal Locks
Statue of liberty
Block Island
old pyramids Modern pyramid
Great wall of china
Eiffel Tower, Paris France
Sightsee by space (human built) Some duplicate links some new links
Sightsee by space (all categorys)
earth from space [nasa]
100's of Interesting Google Maps Locations [i-hacked.com]
Exmple of a Target Logo, painted for google maps
Map Showing the International Undersea Cables
Collections of Images of Ancient Ruins from Space [Ancient Observatories] (space imageing)
Blured Images of Indian Point
Blurred Out: 51 Things You Aren't Allowed to See on Google Maps Some items on the list don't quite fit "A Iranian Business Man, got a you can't donwload this message" , but they have some details that are new to me, like that the capital building now uses an old image
vesselfinder Live data on the loction of vessels on the sea and rivers.

More Google images (Russell)
Katrina Flooding satellite images (freqently spelled "satalite" ) (Russell)
Rack space satellite image (Russell)
Cruse Ship desinations (Russell)
Other uses of google maps (Russell)

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