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(linux_command_line)-> ImageMagick contact sheet, animated gif, resize image submited by Russell Thu 21 Jul 05
Edited Mon 22 Sep 14
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ImageMagick contact sheet or index print:
I wanted to make a contact sheet of images to print as samples to show to my mother so that she could request hi-quality versions of the images that she wanted.

this was acutaly much more complicated that I expected it to be. for one thing the sample code on this page does not work.

Here is the command that I ended up using.
montage -label "%f" -frame 5 -pointsize 60 -geometry +4+4 dscf0001.jpg dscf0002.jpg dscf0003.jpg dscf0004.jpg index1.jpg
this creates a 2x2 grid of images with a large label under each image. ( pointsize 60). I made it so large because I wanted it to be readable when printed.

Now a couple of other notes. ImageMagick/montage is SLOW so it is best to use it on medium size images. my camera takes photos at 2832x2128. it took montage almost an hour to generate index pages. by rescaling the images to about 1/4 size I can generate each index page in 15 to 30 seconds. DO THIS ON COPIES OF THE FILES AS IT DISCARDS DATA
mogrify -geometry 1416x1064 dscf*.jpg
This takes some time too, but overall the process is faster.

Image Magic make Animated Gifs via the command line:
convert -delay 500 -loop 0 image_list output_file.gif
Delay is in hundredths of a second. so 500 is 5 seconds. image_list does not need to be gif format, but the output file does.
Found this here

other options for contactsheets (Brian Jackson)
visualy compare images (Russell)

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