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(links)-> (Parent)->the socialized net distrubuted torrent search submited by Russell Tue 24 May 05
Edited Wed 25 May 05
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This Guy Posted a tool to enable distrubuted torrent searches

Setup is not easy:
for linux
download the latest version from here
mkdir tsn
cd tsn
tar jxvf [path to downloaded file]/LATEST.tar.bz2
The last line starts the daemon and must be run every time you use this.
But your not done, to get the searching running in Azureus you have to install the plugin. Again its a manual job. First download the plugin then install.
# cd ~/.Azureus/plugins
# cp /[path to downloaded file]/TorrentSearch.tar.gz .
# tar xzvf TorrentSearch.tar.gz
Why one file is a bz2 and the other is a gz is beyond me. Probably because one is written in java an the other python.

Now it's a cool idea, but it's got several problems.
  • Either the participation is low or I havn't found the central swarm, I only see 200 or 300 peers
  • The web interface ( daemon must be running for that link to work) has options that the plugin does not.
  • The lack of an easy install means that only the most savy users will load it. Any p2p dependant system needs a large swarm to survive.
  • Looks like found links are not chached so if the host that has the file goes away you can't get the file.
  • The search tools are weak and kinda confusing.
  • There is no documentation. ( should keywords be seperated by commas or spaces ?? I beleive it's spaces )
  • What is up with the other website THE socalized.net that greets users with a password dialog?? ( the python file links to that not the WWW site.

But its a good start. But here is what should be done with it:
  • The whole thing should be writen as a azureus plugin
  • The install should be autimated via the wizard, or better yet part of the core file, ( like the distubuted tracker)
  • It should query every peer you connect to for attempt to find as many participating peers as possible.
  • It should run on the same port as the rest of azureus so anybody who unblocks a firewall for quicker downloads will get the added benifit of the torrent search working though that. ( this is more complicated but the BT protocall already addresses this issue with the use of a hash at greeting )
  • each peer should cache some small number of its neibors content, so if the peer goes away, the content lives on.
  • The postings should be gpg signed, (ether use a public trusted key sorce or you provide a random key yourself, but the trick here is that you want to use the same key. Users who receive the data keep a personal list of gpg keys from which they received bogus data ( somebody posts crap that isn't what they claim it is ) and a list of angel keys. Just like the Ebay raiting system, the longer someone is in the system the larger ( negitive or positive ) the score becomes. This way you would know to trust content from people with high scores more than data from people with few or no scores.
    It doesn't mean that people can't post anonymously, it just that it will be take more seriously if they are a consistant good poster.
    Found links would be displayed with the sum of the scores from all peers that you know about at the time of the display.
  • If its running in a plugin, it will (or can be made to) comply with the "do not call list" of Safepeer
Well I'm learning java , perhaps I can wite it myself. It probably isn't that complicated. .. ;-) (it's probably really complicated )

Azureus Messaging Protocol (Russell)

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