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How are you progressing (maybe past tense?) in learning Java?

I notice that this topic (relating to Java compilation) was started in May 2005 and last updated in January 2006.

Are you using Java regularly?

I have made an a couple of efforts in the past couple of years to learn Java. Mostly by reading and programming exercises in various books, in approx. 1-week bursts.

Not really a lot of obvious success so far. I've found that I'm either bored with the book, or it doesn't have enough "projects" (or "interesting" projects) ...

Most of my background is from contract programming, where we generally had no choice as to tools/languages/etc, just had to use what the client already had in place. And, in that kind of atmosphere, I generally learned "enough" in several environments, but rarely much "depth" in any.

The old "jack of all" theme ... I think this may have biased me towards wanting a clear, concise "project" GOAL in learning new languages ... The "excessively contrived" projects in most books tend to bore me. (the more verbose you are in your writing, the more bored you are by OTHER people's verbosity :)

ANY way ...

I spotted the "Head First Java" book in a book store (actually I was browsing the "Head First C#" book, then looked to see what else they had in the series). Didn't buy either of them (yet, maybe for Christmas :), wanted to scope a bit online first.

Wondered about your experience learning Java, particularly with this book. Still wading through Amazon.com reviews ...

As far as your problems with command-line usage, some of the books I've used take that route (and generally explain in detail how to go about it); some take on a specific IDE; seems like I've seen one somewhere, which explains command-lines, as well as a sort of "generic" IDE usage ...

The most recent Java book that I've worked with, is (don't laugh) "Java for Kids, Parents, and Grandparents"; I dug up the free ebook mainly because it used the Eclipse IDE (heard a rumor that a local company used it, thought I wanted to seek employment with them, hasn't worked out so far). It does in fact, get a little into command-line ("If you don't want to use Eclipse, here's how ...").

Anyway, thanks for reading such a long and winding comment!

Mike blog.MinstrelMike.com

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