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Wow, you said a lot, and I want you to know, that we probably agree on a lot of this, we just might see it differently. The "information" on how to program java is available on the web. it's just this specific book that isn't.
I feel that information should be free. I do not need to accord with greedy law makers who only protect the rich with patents and copyrights.
Information should be free, and for the most part it is. (in a large part thanks to the internet). But be careful about what you call "information" .
is information that is not controled in any way, anybody who wants to, (and lots of schoolchildren who don't even care) can get this information for free.

That's a little different than saying this specific math textbook should be free. somebody had to write it, proofread it, typeset it, print it.. etc.. I think all those people would like to get paid for their work. To say the book should be free takes money out of all those pockets.

Patents and copyright I agree that the system is broken. Patents are granted where they should not be. Copyrights no longer expire. ( in 1787 fourteen years was considered enough time to extract value from a book. Today when you can email a book 1000 time round the world in a second, it seems silly that that time limit should be longer today than it was then)

But neither of those apply here, the book is justifiably copywrighten and it's still relatively new.
I look forward to the day where the people create their own money and it is not created by the minute few bankers.
In the world you describe, nobody would have to do anything because the bankers would send the pre-printed allotment to each person and that would be all they got. That's not what we have. We already create our own money by trading goods and services. I work and get paied. I learn java so my work is worth more. If you don't like what they give you, then find another they and/or trade in a different market.

In the U.S. we don't pay buss-boys very well. I don't think many people retire as a buss-boy I expect that they do that while they re-org (study etc. ) for a different posisiton.

People trade in the currencys of the bankers because that is the one with the most value. ( and the bankers take their slice of the pie for the service) If the world were turned back to a farm/barter system I believe you would quickly find that vast populations would starve because of the failure of production and distribution systems.

Don't get me wrong here I don't believe the world is perfect. There are a lot of problems. But the solution isn't to steal from the "rich" and give to the "poor". If we do that, then we will always have poor. The solution is to train the "poor" to provide more value. When that happens the rich will gladly trade their gold for the resources of the poor. This happens everyday. It's same thing happening when U.S residents complain about "outsourcing". The previously poor somewhere else, are now competing with the middle class in another place. The net result is that MORE MONEY is created and the competition drives the battle to do things faster/cheaper/better.

I have more to say, but I have to get to work this morning ( for a job that I don't even get paid for ) If you want to continue this talk offline, use the contact page to send me your email.

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