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(linux_command_line)-> (Parent)->google adsence submited by Russell Thu 01 Nov 07
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  • don't like the ads, don't click on them . 1000's of people don't.
  • so far this sight is *STILL* costing me more to host than I make in the ads, so we are not exactly talking about a lot of money here
  • the whole reason that I created the parent page, was because I noticed in my logs that I was getting a lot of hits on "head first torrent" (or simalar), having PAID for the book, it bothered me that people were trying to find it for free. (lets face it, that's only reason you would Google that)
  • I don't have data on which page are the ones that generate ad clicks. but the parent isn't even one of my most popular pages. so if any body ever clicked on an ad on the "buy the dam book" page it probably only paid pennies.

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