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(links)-> (Parent)->Import spreadsheet (csv) data into mysql database submited by Russell Sun 09 Sep 07
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After way too much searching I found : mysqlimport
This will import data from a spreadsheet (saved as a csv , comma separated values, also works for tab seperated) into a mysql database. It's really quite powerful, but it does have a few shortcomings that are not difficult to work around.

What I like about it is that it will read the header row of the file and use that to create the column (field ) names. (several other things I found in searching lacked this option and would need me to manually specify each column name)

The problems I Had were with column names that were not acceptable names. mysql_import will tell you if you have spaces in the names, but it doesn't fix it. Once I changed the column names to remove the spaces I still had problems but I was getting cryptic mysql error mesages and it took some debugging to figure it out. The file I was sent contained parenthesis () a decimal (.) and a duplicate in the column header names.

Once I figured out the problems, I was able to fix my column headers (again) and, quickly import the data.

Other Potential Problems:
Because it runs on a websever you may run into limitations of filesize and execution time limits (set by Apache). Since this program actually calls the command line tool ( instead of using the perl mysql access tools), I have to wounder why this program isn't just written as a command line tool. Then you would avoid the Apache limits. But then again, you would lose the simple web-based form to input your settings.

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