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(links)-> Expired Medicine submited by Russell Wed 23 Feb 05
Edited Sat 25 Feb 06
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How important is is to throw out old medicine ( to view this page you need to signup. you could also try to get it using bugmenot)

As I suspected, all along, medicine generaly does not lose effictiveness as soon as it expires.

Here is a critical quote from that page:
Data from the Department of Defense/US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Shelf Life Extension Program, which tests the stability of drug products past their expiration date, showed 84% of 1122 lots of 96 different drug products stored in military facilities in their unopened original container would be expected to remain stable for an average of 57 months after their original expiration date.[25] Some US Army studies on Valium, for example, show that the drug is very stable and completely safe and effective for up to 8 years after manufacture. Tablets of ciprofloxacin, an expensive antibiotic, were found completely safe and effective when tested 9.5 years after the expiration date.

pseudoephedrine removed from NyQuill, DayQuill (aka NyQuil, DayQuil ) (Russell)
power napping,lifehacks (Russell)
Mom’s Genetics Could Produce Gay Sons (Russell)

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