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(misc)-> (Parent)->Compaints about capping submited by Russell Wed 21 Jun 06
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I'd love to file a complaint.

Problem is that I don't know where to start. But it's clear that that "advertise" 2Mbps Up but will not actualy let you use it.

Besides the Obious deceitful practices involved is the fact their staff either deliberly lies or is complely uninformed.

I have been told conflicting information, The higher leverl people ( and the wikipedia page) imply that capping only occors when a user is uploading During a time of high system load. This is not consitant with my experiences. In my experience I have always been capped on a Thursday Morning, and it has happend when No upload was in progress.

This Has lead me to belive:
  • Optiumum Online has bandwith Capping Policy that is based on the Amount of data uploaded over time.
  • This is consisant with what lower level people have told me ( but they always say "they don't even tell us the number" )
  • Baised on my experineces, The Time frame they look at is Probably One Week Long. It might be longer but probably isn't shorter. It certenly isn't One day.
  • Baised on my experinces, The Number, The Maximum upload allowed is around 5Gb/per week. I don't have enough data to give an exact number, but its more than 2Gb and less than about 8Gb.
  • Now, lets consider what that is.. I'll be generous, say the limit is 7Gb/Week or 1Gb per day. That is Less than I can transfer on a Minimum Verizon DSL line ($14.95/ month) at 128Kbps Up. (Maxed out the whole time, for which Verizon will have no complaints )
  • So, they are actualy only willing to deliver the upload capeabilites of a service that sells for $30 less per month. No wonder they won't go public with it.

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